Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing has been around for years but recently there are many new and innovative products on the market that make refacing look more like replacing. Our approach to refacing focusses on some fundamental requirements. 

These can be described as:
  • Existing cabinets must be relatively solid
  • Existing layout meets the customerís needs
  • Finish options fall within the available choices.
Whether or not the kitchen is a reface candidate can be determined by us upon the initial visit. We assess the various attributes of the kitchen and ensure the above criteria can be met. The first two will be determined via an assessment with the customer along with an in-depth review of the cabinetry and surrounding structures.

This is an important step to consider as a kitchen reface should be done only when the conditions are good. If cabinetry is not solid, or cannot be repaired, there is a risk of having structural problems down the road.