At Countertop Xpress we specialize in laminate countertops and offer a wide variety of edge details. There are many exciting and new laminate colours that have been launched over the last couple of years that make laminate a very attractive choice for your decorating needs.

Being the creative company that we are we specialize in difficult and hard to produce countertop layouts.

A bit about countertops:

There are many ways that a laminate countertop can be produced.
  • Post formed laminate
  • Flat top / Laminate square edge
  • Flat top / Wood edge
  • Flat top / Solid surface edge (ie Corian)
Post formed laminate Countertops:

The term "post formed” refers to the way that the edge detail is produced on the countertop. There are many edges currently being offered by manufacturers that are both functional and stylish creating a great look. The desired edge detail is machined in the substrate prior to the laminate being applied. Once the edge detail has been formed the laminate is essentially heated, formed to the desired contour, and bonded in place. This allows a nice contoured edge to be put on one or two parallel sides of a countertop. This works very well for most applications.

Post form countertops have been the main stream for many years and continue to be a very popular style.

In certain situations a post formed countertop may not be the best solution. When a required seam falls in a place that is undesirable or when edge detail continuity is required it may be more appropriate to move to a "flat top” design. When we say flat top it refers to the way the laminate is positioned on the countertop. As compared to post formed counter tops a flat top is not limited to edge details on one or two parallel sides. The matching edge detail can be on all sides of the countertop. This can be very desirable in the case of an island top or a peninsula top where a square end cap is not the look you want.